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Drilling for Oil

Quite a few years ago I got to visit, spend the night on, a floating oil drilling platform in the Gulf of Mexico. Some of what I experienced and learned is relevant to helping understand current events. We got to … Continue reading

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Fire In The Incinerator!

A long time ago I spent some time aboard ship during my stint in the Navy. My job was to keep the electronics aboard the ship in good working order. As a consequence I spent a lot of time in … Continue reading

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One of the advantages of being a member of a pyrotechnic organization is that you get to legally make things that go boom. At a recent meeting I attended a class on making 4 inch canister shells. Each person in … Continue reading

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IR Thermometers F vs C

The little hand-held digital infrared thermometers can be quite handy for a lot of things. I have a little Actron unit that my son gave me for a present. A discussion on the LabRats facebook page about the resolution of … Continue reading

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s Continue reading

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