We had a bit of excitement here last Saturday. My wife, Sharon, was mowing east of the house trying to cut the weeds that were growing up around the septic tank lids. Despite being quite maneuverable ZTR mowers are a bit difficult to control exactly. The result is that one of the tank lids got pushed partway open by the mower. Right then our dog Joey came running up and fell directly into the septic tank, kaploosh.  When I got there and looked down into the tank all I could see was ripples in the water indicating Joey was swimming around somewhere in the tank. This tank is extra deep. There is about 7 feet from the ground level to the water, through a 18″ diameter concrete culvert. I remember thinking, how am I going to get him out, he’s a gonner. I had to try something so I got a section of metal extension ladder and lowered it into the hole. I called to Joey and he came swimming over and put the front part of his body through the ladder. I carefully lifted the ladder and Joey managed to stay still and hang on while I pulled him out. Needless to say we were quite relieved. I am not sure I could have convinced myself to climb down into that tank. Joey has white fur but he was totally black. I now know why they call laundry water gray water and sewer water black water. Anyway, after two baths and a new collar Joey is allowed back into the house. It is against building codes here to completely bury the septic tank lids, but I am going to put dirt around them until the dirt is level with the top of the lids. That way we can mow the weeds and the lids cannot be pushed off.

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