PKO Factor

Way back in college one of the required courses for engineering students was economics. I guess they wanted to make sure our education was rounded out a bit. For us as engineering students the math being taught in the course was way behind what we were studying in engineering. As a consequence the class got a bit boring at times. We would often do the math part of homework using things from calculus way advanced from what the economics professor was teaching. If we got exceptionally bored in a class we would get the prof talking about his brother who had been in training to be a kamikaze pilot during the war. As in any science economics tries to measure things and fit the results to theories, often equations, that can be used to predict future behavior. In economics an important thing to try and predict is how much people will spend. By analyzing things one could come up with factors used in the equations. One of these factors is call the Propensity To Consume. For some reason  a group of us thought this was an interesting idea and came up with our own factor, the PKO factor (pronounced pico). This was the Propensity to Kiss Off. Trust me learning engineering is not easy. It seemed like we were either in class or studying. But every once in a while we really had to do something else. So one of us would go around the dorm asking the others in our group “What is your PKO factor?”. If the average factor was over 5 or so we would take off to do something else. Now if we were something other than engineering students this would mean going out drinking. For us it usually meant going to explore a cave. Now the PKO factor often got high late at night and we would get comments like “It is late and dark out your going caving now?” To which we would reply douh.

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