Heat Treating Part II

Heat Treating Part I can be found here. http://wp.me/p12vwL-15

I Finished assembling the controller for the heat treating oven. Everything is assembled into a small aluminum box. For the AC power connections  I got a short heavy duty extension cord and cut it in half. One half to plug it in and the other half to plug in the oven being controlled. The controller itself is mounted in the front of the box along with a power switch. On the back of the box are the power cords and the terminals to connect the thermocouple.The 20 amp solid state relay is mounted to the box inside. Below is a schematic of the controller.

Here is a picture of the insides of the box.

Here is a picture of the front of the box.

Here is a picture of the back of the box. The end of the thermocouple probe is sticking out at the top. This will be inserted into the oven to sense the temperature.

The next step is to finish assembling the oven and test it to see if it will get hot enough. I have even thought of another use for the controller a plastic injection molding machine based on the Vince Gingery plans.

You can find part III here: http://wp.me/p12vwL-4W

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