Digger Bucket & Repair

Recently I needed a narrow trenching bucket for my digger that I built some years ago. In taking off the larger 18 inch bucket I discovered that the pivot pin for the bucket had become rusted into the bushing. So the new bucket project became both a build and repair project.

I built the digger with plans from CadPlans.com. Having built the digger repairs and modifications are not intimidating.


Pivot Pin Remains

The pivot pin was so badly rusted into the bushing that I had to cut out both the pin and bushing to remove the bucket.


New Bushing

Here is the digger arm all cleaned up with a new bushing ready for welding. The hole in the top is for a grease fitting. I need to remember to keep it well greased this time.


Welding Bucket

Here I have all the parts for the new trenching bucket cut out and I am welding it together.


Welded Bucket

Here is the new bucket all welded and ready to paint and mount on the digger. The teeth are replacement teeth for an end loader and the cutting edges are part of a plow share blade.


Painted Bucket

Here is the new bucket all painted and mounted on the digger.



Here is the new bucket in action. I buried a power cable out to my weather instrument platform. Since then I have used it for another couple of projects.

You can also see in this picture another repair needed on the digger. The right axle support bracket broke and the wheel is bending up. I had to stop the trenching project at this point and repair the axle support.

Here is a short video of my digger in action. I am not actually digging here but using it to move brush around.


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