Simple Scissor Lift

In building my shop I spent some time thinking about how I was going to put the ceiling up. Metal pole building sheets were my choice for covering the ceiling. They are light weight, fireproof and already painted. The problem is the ceiling is almost 12 feet high and the panels are 3X10 feet. So how to get them up and hold them while attaching the panels.
I finally decided that a scissor lift would be a good idea. After looking at a number of commercial scissor lifts on the web I was coming up with all sorts of complicated designs. Then I remembered the saying KISS “Keep It Simple Stupid.
What I finally came up with consists of 8 8′ 2X4’s for the frames and some more bits of 2X4 for spacers. I used screws to attach the spacers making it strong and easy to take apart.

The center pivots are 3/8″ bolts, elastic stop nuts and washers. The end pivots are also used for the come-along to raise the lift so they need to be strong. I used 1 inch steel rod for this. There is also a safety chain to prevent the lift from collapsing completely if the come-along or its straps should fail. Your arms are inside the lift when working the come-along and a failure could easily break an arm or two.

To use it I drag it in place and slide a panel on top of the partially lowered lift. Operating the come-along raises the panel until it is in place. The position of the panel can be adjusted by dragging the lift or pushing the panel around. The panel is then attached to the rafters.

The only inconvenience with the lift is that the come-along is slow and fiddly to lower under tension. It takes twice as long to lower the lift than it does to raise it.  When I am done with the ceiling the lift will be taken apart and the pieces salvaged for future projects.

The lift has done its job and the ceiling is done.

I have posted a video on YouTube showing the lift in operation putting up ceiling panels.

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1 Response to Simple Scissor Lift

  1. Fred Young says:

    I think your scissor jack was a good idea for the job. I like to see people building things rather than always buying a factory made tool.

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