Bandsaw Stand

I have had a 4X6 inch horizontal bandsaw from Harbor Freight for years. It works reasonably well. I have cut a lot of metal with it. The stand that came with it however leaves a lot to be desired. It is made of thin sheet metal and has become bent and broken. It is too short to use with my roller stands to support long work. It is also too short for me to use comfortably.  You are supposed to be able to lift the saw and pull it around on the wheels attached to the stand but it drags unless you lift it very high. I got busy building the new stand and forgot to take a picture of the old one. If you have one of these saws I am sure you know what it looks like.

Now that my new shop is operational it is a good time to build a better stand for the bandsaw. The legs of the stand are made with some 1 inch square steel tubing. I made a U shaped frame that fits up into the base casting of the saw and attaches to the saw with the same bolt holes as the old stand. Then the legs were welded to the frame at the same angle as the old stand.

Above is a picture of one of the leg assemblies clamped to the welding table. I made a wood pattern to align the legs to the correct angle.

Above is a picture of the leg assembly being test fit into the base of the saw.

Once the leg assemblies were built and temporarily attached to the saw I welded some 1 inch angle to the legs to serve as bracing and to support a pan to collect the chips. At the motor end of the saw a piece of 1/2 inch rod near the bottom serves as the bracing and an axle for the wheels. At the other end of the saw a piece of 1 inch square tubing serves as the bracing and a place to attach the handle for moving the saw. The old stand had a lift up handle but I made this one a pullout handle. Two 5 inch lawn mower wheels serve to make the saw portable.

Above is a picture of the completed saw stand. I can see from the picture I missed a couple of spots in the final painting. The handle is show in the pulled out position. It can be pushed in to get it out of the way. I used an old bread baking pan to collect the chips. It looks a little spindly but the wheels are mounted out and give it a wider stance. One thing I noticed after using the saw on the new stand, it is much quieter, the old sheet metal stand acted like a sound board for the motor noise. All in all a nice little welding project.

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  1. Your stand looks great. Had I just seen the picture I would have assumed that it was store bought.

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