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Colder Than A Well Digger’s Knee

One time during my stay in the middle east I came across an interesting scene. There were two men standing around a large wooden reel with a rope extending from the reel into a small hole in the ground. The … Continue reading

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As I mentioned in a previous post I spent two years living in the middle east. There was a large mountain range just north of the city where we lived.  I really enjoyed hiking in the mountains with some of … Continue reading

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PKO Factor

Way back in college one of the required courses for engineering students was economics. I guess they wanted to make sure our education was rounded out a bit. For us as engineering students the math being taught in the course … Continue reading

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Mr. Hannon’s Son

My father was and educator. In an effort to make a little more money he switch from teaching in schools to industrial training. The problem with this is that anytime the going gets a bit rough for a company the … Continue reading

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Drilling for Oil

Quite a few years ago I got to visit, spend the night on, a floating oil drilling platform in the Gulf of Mexico. Some of what I experienced and learned is relevant to helping understand current events. We got to … Continue reading

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