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Simple Scissor Lift

In building my shop I spent some time thinking about how I was going to put the ceiling up. Metal pole building sheets were my choice for covering the ceiling. They are light weight, fireproof and already painted. The problem … Continue reading

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CNC Laser Cutter / Engraver Build

I see a number of articles on the WEB about using a blue laser around 2 watts for cutting and engraving. A lot of times the laser is attached to a 3D printer. Now I have a 3D printer but … Continue reading

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DRO for my MIll

Like most of my blog posts this is not meant to be a “how to” but rather a “how did” in hopes that someone will find useful ideas for their projects. It has gotten a bit frustrating using my milling … Continue reading

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Digger Bucket & Repair

Recently I needed a narrow trenching bucket for my digger that I built some years ago. In taking off the larger 18 inch bucket I discovered that the pivot pin for the bucket had become rusted into the bushing. So … Continue reading

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3D Printer

Like all of my blog posts this article is not intended to be a how to tutorial but rather just my experience and observations in building a 3D printer. A few months ago I decided that I wanted to have … Continue reading

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Fan Aspirated Temperature Sensor

The temperature sensor for my weather station is a commercial wireless temperature/humidity sensor that I have mounted in a commercial solar radiation shield. It has been in operation for a couple of years and seems to be reasonably accurate. The … Continue reading

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Chainsaw Lumber Mill

A rather large silver maple tree trunk came down in a wind storm recently. I have cut most of it up for firewood but there was a nice 4 foot section that I decided to make into some boards. Maple … Continue reading

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