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Making Magnalium

One thing that I like to do is make things from scratch. Particularly things that not everyone makes or can make. Magnalium is a 50 50 alloy of aluminum and magnesium that is used primarily in pyrotechnics. It is quite … Continue reading

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KaBoom II

This year at the Memorial day weekend pyro get together we had a class on making 5 inch spherical shells. In my KaBoom post last year I described making canister shells which are cylindrical rather than spherical. Each of the … Continue reading

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One of the advantages of being a member of a pyrotechnic organization is that you get to legally make things that go boom. At a recent meeting I attended a class on making 4 inch canister shells. Each person in … Continue reading

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A while back I joined the local pyrotechnic organization. The meetings have been quite interesting. The speaker at one meeting operates a company that makes custom rocket motors, mostly for the military. His talk was on the design of composite … Continue reading

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